Never Open With New Material In Front Of The President

by The Comedy Nerds on January 20, 2009

If there was one thing I learned from Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedian it’s that you should never ever open with new material (oh, but I really want to. No, it never works out like you think it’s going to. But this is really funny.  Stop it.)  That’s easy to do when you are doing a normal set, but at Tuesday night’s Neighborhood Ball Ray Romano had to do a whole set of one off jokes about the inauguration and what happened that day.  Maybe the audio mix was off or something, but it sounded like a bunch of jokes bombed.

Yes, some of the jokes were forced and some could have been thought out better, but come on folks.  This is the new America.  Somewhere right now Obama is inventing Unicorns and turning water into wine.  By tomorrow morning all the country’s problems will be solved.  You can’t through a couple of laughs Ray’s way?  He couldn’t really go down to Gotham Comedy Club and do his Obama Ball material.  Cut the guy some slack.  The mother-in-law joke was funny and his mom was watching.

Am I the only one who thought the audience gave him a tough time?  Also, am I the only one who pre-ordered an Obama Unicorn?

Photo from flick by Archman8

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