Music And Comedy

by The Comedy Nerds on January 8, 2009

Shayna FermNothing adds to a good joke like a soundtrack.  This week we look at music’s place in the the comedy world.    Why is everything funnier to a tune? Is singing about poop cheating?  Why is Weird Al a genius?  Why should you run screaming from the room if Dustin starts singing “Somewhere Out There” from An American Tale?

Comedic songstress Shayna Ferm stops by the studio to tell us her take and share a few inspiring and embarrassing stories about being a rocker.  She recently released her debut album Blonde with her band Shayna Ferm And The Upper Deckers.  You can get it on her site or on CD baby.  Stick around to the end to hear a single off the album.  You’ll be glad you did.

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