Happy Birthday to The King Of All Comedy Nerds

by Dustin D'Addato on January 27, 2009

PattonWe would be bad subjects if we didn’t wish a happy birthday to our king, the king of all Comedy Nerds, Patton Oswalt.  He turns 40 today.  Here’s what he had to say on his blog about it and the fear comedians have of progressing in life and not remaining the fun 20 something they were when they started out:

Comedians are a superstitious lot. We secretly fear things like irrelevancy and un-hipness in ways that only the excluded and left out can. We’re always afraid of things like marriage and children and “selling out”, as if these things are supernatural beings humming with a sort of Dark Magic, some force that will rob of us of our comedic mojo.

But watch people like Louis CK and Bill Cosby and Tina Fey. They get married and raise families, and just get better and more incisive and wise as every new dimension of life opens up to them. Irrelevancy can also befall the unmarried, ironic T-shirt wearing “rebels” who want life frozen at 22 forever.

I never really thought of it, but he’s right (or maybe I am getting older and just want to feel this way) but aging comedians do tend to get “it” more.  They can peel away a lot of what they were told to do and replace it with what they want to do.  It’s more honest and pulling from a place of much greater knowledge.  So in the entertainment industry where geting older is almost never your friend (unless you are Clint Eastwood for some reason.  Seriously, I am a completely straight married man and even I can see that he is just getting hotter) for a comedian it might very well make you stronger and better.  That’s why you’re the king Patton, that’s why you’re the king.

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