Comedy Therapy

by The Comedy Nerds on January 21, 2009

100 percent of comedians like being on stage and making people laugh.  100 percent of comedians are in or need therapy.  Finally someone was smart enough to combine the two  (You got your therapy in my comedy show.  No, you got your comedy show in my therapy.  Fisticuffs ensue).  The Punchline Magazine blog has an interview with Lisa Levy who produces the show.

I really think comedians are the ultimate conceptual artists, because they have to have lots of ideas.  I also found a lot of fun stuff to work with. A lot of creative people have emotional angst. Their reaction is to do something creative. And there’s crying behind the laughter, and that sort of thing.

They’ve already had Eugene Mirman and Dave Hill on the couch.

It’s always been my opinion that comedy is therapy to most comedian.  But it’s ballsy for a comedian to get up there and actually admit all the crazy going on in their head.  And believe me, there is a lot of crazy.  I mean, it’s a dark place you shouldn’t take children.  Or is that just in my mind.  No, the voices are telling me everyone is like that.

Check out the show this Thursday and every 3rd Thursday at 7pm at Ochi’s Lounge.

Also check out out podcast about comedians having emotional struggles.

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