Being Funny For A Year

by Dustin D'Addato on January 20, 2009

By now, any true comedy nerd knows the story of Jonathan Coulton.  He recorded and released a song a week from September 2005 to September 2006 and when he came out on the other side he had created a bunch of great songs and allowed himself to be a financially supported musician/musical comedian.  Most importantly he proved to himself that he had the commitment to his music to be successful (overcoming the temptations of a safe job, Internet porn and checking IMDB to find out played the daughter on Mr. Belvedere.  It was Tracy Wells, who incidentally has done like nothing since then.  Mirror Mirror 2: Raven Dance, what the hell is that?) .  He also inspired others to test themselves.

One such person is D.C. comedian and recent New York City transplant Mike Blejer who, for the last year has been recording a joke-a-day. This week it comes to end so while you are blowing off work anyway to watch the inauguration, why not take a look at the first 360 of them.

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