83 Different Choices For Farting

by Dustin D'Addato on January 17, 2009

The Apple iPhone App store has 83 Applications that are based on farting.  The sounds of farts.  The detection of farts.  The virtual lighting of farts.  83 companies dedicated programming time to making fart applications.  At least 83 people earned a paycheck by carefully and meticulously recreating farts to bring them into the digital age.  Only 14 of those created apps are free.  69 of those apps cost money.  The 7th most downloaded paid app in the entire store is about farting. Hundreds of thousands of people paid thier hard earned money to download these because apprently they were sick of the tyranny of having to create thier own farts.  Gone are the days of having to plan ahead for a well timed fart.  Now BAM, farts on demand.  Don’t like the sound of this fart.  No problem there are 82 other options.

Listen, farts are funny.  People fart.  Everyone laughs.  But 83 different apps?  I greatly underestimated how much people like farts.

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