When A Good Show Goes Bad

by The Comedy Nerds on August 1, 2008

When A Good Show Goes BadSometimes…no matter what a performer does…no matter how hard he or she tries..a show goes bad…REALLY BAD.

In this episode we look at why some shows are good one week and horrible the next and what you can do as a performer and an audience member when you find yourself part of one of these awful nights.

It’s going to happen sooner or later so you better get prepared now while you still can.

(and the you in the “You Suck” in the picture is referring to the audiences view of the performer during a show that is going bad, not you the reader/listener. We love you. But in a good healthy friend kind of love, not some crazy stalker kind of way.  Whatever else you may have heard is a lie.  Also, on an unrelated note, can we have some of your hair.  No, we’re not trying to clone you.  We think you’re getting a little paranoid.)

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