Comedians make people laugh.  That’s what they were born to do.  But to spite what people think that’s not all they can do.  This week we look at comedians who have decided to branch out and doing things beyond the comedy world.  Are they damaged by their funny reputation?  What can they do to be taken seriously? Has anyone really ever pulled it off?

Plus, the dog pound returns, Charlie Sheen may eventually stop annoying everyone and has Adam Sandler finally used up all his Happy Gilmore funny chips?

Plus plus, we discuss our upcoming hiatus.

What are you lookin’ at?  You want a knuckle sandwich? Oh, you just want to know what this week’s episode is about.  Fine.  This week we’re talking about a$$hole comedians.  Why is it so many comedians have such a douchey persona and why do we love it so much.  I’m very much thinking about you here Daniel Tosh.  I know you are reading this.

Plus. how can The Munsters reboot is a drama, the internet gives us a Community video game and Camille gets all kinds of personal. Is that enough for you?  Good.  Now make like a tree and get out of here.

This week our topic comes straight from the mailbag, or twitter bag as is more accurately the case.  We look at content vs. delivery.  Which is more important; the pretty words or the way that you say them? We’re joined this week by Rachel Korowitz and Jeff Scherer who help figure it out.

Plus we look at the impact of SNL losing Andy Samberg, discuss if anyone will watch the Fraggle Rock movie and encourage everyone to read the new book Tasteful Nudes by friend of the show Dave Hill.

The New Comedy TV Season: What’s Coming and What’s Coming Back

May 16, 2012

This week all the major networks announced their new fall season.  In this week’s episode comedian Andy Kleiman joins us as we break down all the new comedy shows coming to your TV tube.  What’s worth checking out and what’s pretty much already cancelled? (I’m looking at you awful NBC sitcom with a monkey) And […]

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How To Make A Remake

May 6, 2012

Everything old sucks when you remake it.  I think that’s how the saying goes.  It seems like remakes are all the rage these days but almost no one is excited about them.  Why?  If the movie was good the first time wouldn’t it be better with CGI and this time around everyone has cell phones?  […]

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Dick Clark – The Father Of The Comedy Comedy Clip Show

April 24, 2012

This week saw the passing of a broadcasting legend.  He brought so many great things to the world including the comedy clip show.  Without Bloopers and Practical Jokes we might not have ever had shows like The Soup, Punk’d, Tosh.0 or Best Week Ever. In this episode we discuss the impact Dick Clark had plus […]

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Why is Stupid So Funny?

April 12, 2012

Homer Simpsons, Peter Griffin, The Three Stooges.  What do they all have in common?  They are so stupid.  They are also very very funny.  There is just something hilarious about an idiot. This week we break down the all the reason that dumb is funny and dumber is even funnier. Play in new window […]

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